Lindy's USB 3.0 Docking & Cloning Station is incredibly useful, enabling you to easily turn old internal hard drives into external hard drives. So if you have a hard drive lying in an old PC that doesn't turn on any more, you can quickly take it out and plug it straight into the Lindy USB 3.0 Docking & Cloning Station.

Connecting the device to your PC via USB 3.0 enables you to access the drive and move files to and from it extremely quickly.

Its excellent design makes it easy to insert hard drives – no tools are needed and the whole process is pretty similar to inserting bread into a toaster. After slotting in the hard drive it appeared in Windows 7 pretty much straight away.

While the docking functionality alone is enough of a reason to consider purchasing the Lindy USB 3.0 Docking & Cloning Station, it is the cloning functionality that really impresses.

It makes backing up hard drives simple and quick. Rather than the rather long-winded process of backing up entire hard drives via software such as Norton Ghost, you simply insert the original hard drive into the Station's Source slot, an empty hard drive in Target and then press the Duplicate button. The Lindy USB 3.0 Docking & Cloning Station clones the drive without you even needing to turn on your PC.


For convenience and speed we can't recommend the Lindy USB 3.0 Docking & Cloning Station highly enough.