We were initially disappointed with AMD's new Fusion CPU, the E-350. Despite that, its low-power CPU-GPU chip, otherwise known as Zacate, does have something to offer in certain small form factor and portable computing niches. Enter, therefore, the new Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 motherboard.

Given the performance limitations of the E-350, we reckon smaller is better when it comes to system size.

In other words, what you want is a Mini-ITX motherboard. Ideally, however, you want one that makes as few compromises as possible in return for compact proportions.

What you want, says Gigabyte, is the GA-E350N-USB3.

For starters, you get a PCI Express 16-lane slot for full-power graphics action. Then there are four on-board ports. Not as many as a typical full ATX board, perhaps, but enough to meet the storage needs of most end users.

Gigabyte has also thrown in a pair of USB ports for good measure, and provided a full set of BIOS overclocking options.