Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 review

A teeny-tiny, and fully-featured motherboard, but still a little weedy

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AMD's E-350 chip isn't a big performer. So it makes sense to put it in a small board.

The Mini-ITX Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 is as puny as they come, and yet gives nothing away to Asus's larger E35M1-M PRO when it comes to number crunching.

That said, we wouldn't recommend it for anything but basic computing. It's certainly not a plausible cut-price gaming platform.

For the record, the GA-E350N-USB3 does have a full range of overclocking settings in the BIOS.

However, no doubt due to the E-350 chip's highly integrated architecture, the available frequency headroom amounts to no more than a few hundred MHz.

CPU rendering performance

Gigabyte ga e350n usb3

Video encoding performance

Gigabyte ga e350n usb3

Memory bandwidth

Gigabyte ga e350n usb3

DirectX 10 gaming performance

Gigabyte ga e350n usb3

Gigabyte ga e350n usb3