HP LP3065 review

Perfecting the art of ultra-HD

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Our Verdict

This HP model avoids most of the pitfalls associated with larger monitors


  • Vibrant colours


  • No analogue inputs compromising flexibility

When Dell's 3007WFP was the only affordable 30-inch monitor on the market, it was tempting to forgive the big, beautiful beast its many and manifest faults. However, as a member of the new generation of 30-inchers life is going to be tougher for the HP LP3065.

We're happy to report, therefore, that the HP addresses each and every one of the rivals weakness. An upgrade S-IPS panel delivers improved black levels, much more vibrant colours and near faultless viewing angles. We likewise doff our collective headgear in recognition of the superior backlight - tricky on such a large display. And as ever on a 30-incher, that 2560 x 1200 native is life-altering. The extra pair of DVI ports is welcome, but the lack of analogue inputs compromises flexibility.