At normal printing and web sizes, this image, shot at ISO1,600, appears fine, but if you zoom in to 100%, you can see a fair amount of color noise int he sky. The D3300 seems to prioritize keeping detail over noise reduction, so this is to be expected in certain situations.

Tones directly from the camera are natural, which is useful for pleasing portraits.

You can still get pleasing shallow depth of field effects using the kit lens, even though it only stops down to f/3.5.

The 18-55mm lens offers flexible focal length options, making it ideal for shooting a number of different situations. This was shot at the maximum telephoto end of the optic.

Colour reproduction is excellent, even when shooting subjects which may ordinarily confuse other cameras, such as neon lighting.

Colours are bright and punchy directly from the camera.

In this scene, all-purpose metering was a little thrown by the mixed lighting conditions, so I needed to dial in +1 exposure to produce a more balanced image.