Sharp quattron lc46le821e

While the 46LE821's remote control is suitably stylish, it also rests a little too lightly in the hand, and is too crowded for truly easy use.

However, this minor aggravation is completely forgotten once you start investigating the TV's inspired onscreen menus.

Press the Menu button, and the picture cleverly shrinks down a bit, allowing room for a twin-axis menus system to take over the top and right hand side of the screen without sitting over any of the picture.

This works so well it's amazing nobody else has thought to do it before. And it becomes even better when you want to browse the channel listings, as a further box appears along the bottom of the screen - again without impinging on the picture - showing scrolling current programme information.

Being able to adjust picture settings while still being able to see the whole picture is a boon, too, with the icing on the cake coming from the set's use of cutely animated, easy to understand icons to help you find your way around things. Genius.