Someone just paid $77,000 for a working Tron Lightcycle

That's a tron of cash

If you've ever dreamed of owning a Tron: Legacy lightcycle then I'm afraid you are just too late.

The only working lightcycle known to mankind was sold at auction this week for what the kids are calling a "cool" $77,000 (that's about £50,000 or AU$98,000).

It's a fully functioning electric motorbike, and, as the auction house puts it, "a highly compelling work of mobile art that has an enduring connection to pop culture".

At $77,000, the bike isn't even close to being the most expensive bike in the world so we're sure its new owner is telling themselves they've got a real bargain - but they'd be wrong: Mr Lu spent a mere $55,000 building one of his own. So what if he can't ride it on the roads?


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