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Sony PS3

This week, TechRadar brought you news of a new version of the Google Chrome browser as well as (hopefully) lower broadband prices in the UK. We also gave you the lowdown on Nokia's new N900 as well as told you how to make an old PC into a media centre.

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Sony slams PS3 'Yellow light of death' report
The BBC's consumer affairs programme

Watchdog aired a segment on Thursday featuring Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles and an alleged 'yellow light of death' hardware failure which is said to shut down select systems straight after reboot.

Google announces new and improved Chrome 3.0
Google revealed the latest version of its web browser – dubbed Chrome 3.0. Many improvements have been made to browser, including the boast that it is now 25 per cent faster than before.

UK broadband prices set to tumble
Brits look likely to be treated to much cheaper broadband in the near future, as a result of Ofcom lifting the long-standing price controls on BT's consumer business.

Sony Ericsson Pureness gets price and UK release
SE has decided its new see through phone, the Pureness, will not be offered through the usual distribution channels. Instead, it will apparently be offered through outlets such as Selfridges and design museum shops

New HTC Hero firmware promises faster OS
HTC has released an update to the Hero firmware which reportedly solves the bugs present in the release handsets.

HTC hero firmware

Top five in-depth articles

10 game-changing tech ideas that didn't change the game
Back in the early '90s, virtual reality seemed like the greatest thing ever. It was clearly the future of gaming. Except it wasn't. We've dived into the archives to bring you this collection of some of the other game-changing technologies that never had their shot.

10 things to know about Nokia's N900
Nokia has announced a new device that it hopes will keep it at the sharp end of the mobile industry, the Nokia N900, but what's so great about it?

How to turn your old PC into a home media server
Although many council recycling depots will now accept electronic equipment, why not turn your old PC into a media server?

8 technologies to thank the 1980s for
The 80s were a time when indispensable creations like the personal computer, the Walkman and the console hit critical mass and became the definition of popular. Here are eight technologies that defined the decade.

15 iPhone apps that could save your life
As time moves on, people are increasingly using iPhone and iPod touch for important things - here are a load of apps that could get you out of serious and distinctly "less serious" life-threatening situations.

Life saving iphone apps

Top five reviews

iTunes 9
We have mixed feelings about iTunes: it can be slow and it's desperately due a redesign. Hurrah, then, for iTunes 9: it's got a new look and some new features. So is it any good?

Samsung Tocco Lite S5230
Aimed at mobile buyers who want a hit of touchscreen action at a budget price, the Tocco Lite S5230 brings Samsung's TouchWiz user interface into a low cost package.

Intel Core i5 750
Our first taste of Intel's new mainstream "Lynnfield" CPU comes in the form of the entry-level Core i5 750 processor. Find out what we made of it.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS15
The Panasonic Lumix FS15 is a very slim, small and cheap compact digital camera, and the latest addition to Panasonic's FS series.

A substantial, if overpriced, laptop. The most noticeable feature is the screen, which is a 15.5in ultra-wide 16:9 affair that's perfect for watching films on.

Sony vaio

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