10 technologies that are completely ruining your fun

Meet the fun killers, the buzz harshers and the bleeping BlackBerries

6. Compression in music

There are two kinds of compression ruining music: there's the compression that takes the original audio, throws bits out and creates a smaller MP3 or AAC file, and there's the compression that's used in studios to make music sound louder.

Both make music sound worse, the former by making everything sound squishy and the latter turning even delicate acoustic tracks into something that sounds like Muse driving a heavily armoured space tank. Every March, Dynamic Range Day tries to stop such tomfoolery and gets completely ignored.

7. Google

Did you know TV legend Bob Holness played the sax in Baker Street? *tap tap tap* "No mate, that's an urban myth, it was Raphael Ravenscroft." Damn you, Google! Damn your quiz-killing, bullshit-quashing, argument-ending eyes!

8. Twitter

You were out, but you recorded tonight's must-watch show - Game of Thrones, maybe, or The Apprentice. You settle down on the sofa. "I'll just have a quick look at Twitter first," you say to yourself. Don't do it! Don't do it! TWITTER IS SPOILERS!

9. GPS

GPS has many benefits, but of course it takes the fun out of travelling too: many people's best travel memories are from things that happened or places they found when they hadn't the faintest clue where they were or where they were going.

Even if you're not globetrotting GPS can be a pain: Find My Phone apps can be used to track people if you know their password, and some employers use GPS tracking to make sure their staff aren't slacking off or heading home early.

Ten technologies that ruin the fun for everyone

10. Other people's cameraphones

It's bad enough having to make sure you look perfect and don't fall on your backside lest a passer-by put you on YouTube, but the real pain is when you've waited all year to see a show and then you can't see a damn thing because everybody's holding their phones up to capture footage they'll never, ever watch.

Some artists are taking a stand, but we're not optimistic: we've heard reports of people filming gigs with iPads. iPads!