10 amazing bits of future movie tech that already exist

Future focus

This is the aim of Alex Hawkinson, founder of SmartThings, a device that connects everything in your home to the internet. Your smartphone could be the new control centre of everything in your home from turning our lights on to opening doors and activating / interacting with anything electrical in your home. Dispensing toast directly in your mouth might be a stretch, unless you're prepared to fit a super-strength spring into your toaster sleep with it on next to your head. We do not recommend you do any of it. If you do, please film it.

4 James Bond's Biometric pistol

Walther PPK
All that glitters...

007's biometric PPK in Skyfall won't fire unless James is holding it, a safety mechanism to stop would-be criminals turning his own weapon against him (although they could just throw it at him). Biometric weapons (or personalised guns as they're otherwise known) are very much a reality. In the US, Dynamic Grip Recognition has been patented by the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which it will use in conjunction with the world's first 100% electronic handgun that uses new ballistic technology. Finding a gun down the back of a car seat and using it to fire off a few rounds at someone's antique cans will be a thing of the past, although large planks of wood with a single nail through it is still a serious problem.

5 Terminator robotic hand

Robot hand
There's grape expectation for this hand

They haven't quite built a full bionic man yet (by 'they' we mean brilliant but mad scientists who are unaware of the destruction they are about to bring upon humanity, yes those scientists) but they've come pretty close with fully functioning robotic limbs. Strikingly, scientists behind creating robotic limbs have managed to mimic, almost expertly, the intricate and menacing movement of Arnie's de-skinned metal hand. All they need to do is add that music to complete the look.

2013 seems to be the year of robotics, but there's no definitive project that is building the definitive robotic limb. Many researchers, scientists and enthusiasts are working toward the same goal. From Joe Gibbard's impressive and low cost 3D printed Dextrus hand that uses gears and motors to grip objects, to DARPA's high-end robotic hand that can be controlled with the mind via neural-interface technology - and even giving amputees a regained sense of touch. Watch this incredible video of DARPA's hand in action.

6 Iron Man suit

He needs to grow a beard. And have a drink

Come on, Iron Man? Freaking Iron Man?! Tony Stark's Iron Man can do pretty much anything. The undefined abilities of his suit seem to prepare him for any situation, no matter how far fetched - in the same vain that Batman carries a spray to specifically repel sharks. No one is working on making a brief case that turns into an impenetrable war-machine, but the US army is working on an exoskeleton suit for its soldiers. The idea is that soldiers will wear a tactical assault light operator suit, or TALOS, and have increased strength, advanced armor and increased communications through a Google glass type interface. At the centre of the research, again, is MIT, who are also working on making liquid body armour that turns solid when a current travels through it. We've already seen less advanced versions of exosuits that can aid in lifting and increase movement, but a full body war machine and a HUD is in a league of its own.

7 iPad in 2001 A Space Odyssey

Hal, can you get Siri on the line

In 1968's 2001 A Space Odyssey, we saw a man eating his breakfast and casually watching a news programme on what looked EXACTLY like a modern day tablet. It was flat, square and capable of producing multimedia content wirelessly - and it was used at breakfast time. This is probably the most on the nose prediction from a film that came so true that tablets are now a part of our everyday lives. The dodgy green space-food was less on the nose, as was a lot of the dated hair-cuts, but the tablet was right on the money.