We could see the most expensive Android Wear watch launch tomorrow

One day to go

Tag Heuer has teased its next smartwatch – and it may be the most expensive Android Wear watch yet.

The company has revealed a teaser for its March 14 event with the hashtag #ConnectedToEternity and a message saying it’s coming soon. We should know all the details from Tag tomorrow, but the release date is rumored to be in May so you might have to wait to buy it.

It's expected the company will announce the Tag Heuer Connected 2, which is rumored to come with a modular design that allows you to switch the Android Wear watch out for a mechanical face.

New connection

Although the features are not confirmed, it's almost certain this will be an expensive device.

The original Tag Heuer Connected cost £1,100 (US$1,500, around AU$2,100) and the new one is expected to cost the same or maybe even a little bit extra.

Tag managed to sell 56,000 of the original Connected watch in just over a year, which is a lot considering the company only expected to sell about a third of that number.

It seems the company may know what it’s doing when it comes to luxury Android Wear watches, so it may be the company makes a great – but expensive – watch.

Via: Android Authority


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