Windows Blue could bring boot-to-desktop back

Bye bye start screen

Windows 8.1 may come with the option to load straight to the desktop layout instead of making users go via the Windows 8 Start Screen.

Some code supposedly from the update, also known as Windows Blue, includes an option that disables the start screen so users would jump straight to the desktop layout - as suggested by the code "CanSuppressStartScreen".

That's according to WinBeta, who has it from a Russian website which has since taken down the page relating to the Windows 8.1 code findings.

Build it up, buttercup

Does that sort-of confirm that the code is legit? Or perhaps it means it's been disproven - we have no way of knowing so we'd recommend you not take this as gospel.

The absence of a straight-to-desktop mode was one feature that caused heartache among die-hard Windows desktop fans and while workarounds do exist, to simply be able to switch the option on or off as desired from within Windows would be welcome to many.

Windows Blue is expected to enter a limited public preview at Microsoft's Build conference in June before hitting all Windows 8 computers and tablets later this year.


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