Mexicans offered Xboxes in exchange for guns

Hand in a machine gun, get a free PC

Police in Mexico are to offer hi-tech bribes in an attempt to rid the streets of gun crime. Coppers are offering computers and games consoles in exchange for citizens to hand in deadly weapons. The program was launched yesterday in Tepito, an area where gun crime is at an all-time high.

City police chief Joel Ortega pledged that anyone who turns in a high-calibre weapon will be given a free computer. Essentially the deal is this: the bigger the gun you hand in, the better the computer you'll get back.

Microsoft's Xbox consoles are also being offered in exchange for smaller guns. So, where a machine gun could bag you a new Vista PC, a small pistol will get you a games console. Not a bad deal.

On day one, there were 100 computers waiting to go, each one with a normal retail price of around 8,500 pesos (£390). Microsoft donated software for free. In response, 17 automatic weapons were handed over.



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