Apple to unveil Leopard on 20 February?

The Apple rumour mill is grinding online

Could Apple be about to announce another special event on Tuesday 20 February? So claims Apple Recon , which alleges that besides showing off Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard , new versions of Apple's iWork and iLife productivity and creativity software are to be demonstrated as well.

iWork '07 is rumoured to include a new spreadsheet program, plus enhanced versions of word processing app Pages and Keynote, Apple's answer to PowerPoint .

iLife '07 is expected to offer signicant upgrades to Apple's range of consumer creativity apps, namely Garageband, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes and iWeb.

The company has a track record of keeping new products under wraps until the actual launch - the exception being the Apple iPhone which was announced on 8 January, but isn't actually shipping in the US until June. There are, however, plenty of websites speculating on Apple rumours and prospective launches.