The iPod nano watch arrives – Apple on your wrist

Who cares if it's not official?

Steve Jobs may have alluded to the new iPod nano as being watch-like, but Apple hasn't come out with a watch attachment.

No worries, as unsurprisingly a watch manufacturer has come out with an iPod nano band to do just that.

The 22mm band slips through the nano's clip, and, well, makes the iPod into a watch, allowing you to see the time on a device that will need to be charged up far more often than a normal wrist-based timepiece.

The ipod watch

We want Bluetooth

There's also the issue of having headphones plugged into your wrist, as that's just asking for a world of tangles and anger.

We need someone to make a Bluetooth attachment for the iPod nano so we can wirelessly stream music from the end of our arm to our ears – then we will officially be living in the future.

The watch strap only cost $17 (£11) from County Comm, but they're currently not available for the UK as yet – but don't worry, we reckon it's only a matter of time before a watch manufacturer realises that their stock will fit the nano and they can begin marketing the iPod nano watchstrap too.

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