It's not much to go on, but a report has surfaced that Amazon has ordered batches of camera modules for use in smartphones, breathing fresh life into the Amazon smartphone speculation.

DigiTimes reported that Taiwanese company Primax Electronics received multiple orders from Amazon for compact camera modules to be used in smartphones launching in the first half of 2014.

Each of Amazon smartphone will feature six of the camera modules, over half of which will be supplied by Primax, according to the site's supply chain sources.

The Amazon phones will also feature floating touch technology, the site said. The Sony Xperia sola features "Floating touch," a way to interact with a handset without laying a finger on it.

Catching fire

Ever since the Kindle Fire began thriving in the Android tablet market there's been speculation about an Amazon smartphone, but the bookseller has yet to make anything official.

There have been all kinds of hints, from former Windows Phone executives joining Amazon to rumors of HTC getting involve.

Other Amazon phone rumors the phone (or phones) arrive between four and five inches, featuring 3D gesture and eye-tracking tech and launching in 2014.

We've been hearing similar tunes for literally years though, so take the above with a pinch of sodium.