Top 10 best iPhone 4 accessories

Brilliant iPhone 4 gear for yourself or for a gift

Top 10 best iPhone 4 accessories

Apple's new iPhone 4 does everything you want it to out of the box, but it's even better once you hook it up to some other gadgets.

Here we've come up with 10 handy iPhone 4 accessories that enable you to do even more with your lovely new iPhone 4 than you thought was humanly possible.

Alternatively, if that special person in your life is an iPhone fanatic and you're looking for a way to get them to notice you again, simply waft one of these products under their nose and they'll at least acknowledge your existence, if only briefly.

1. Ziisound D5

If you're looking for a speaker set for your shiny new iPhone 4 then we'd recommend the Ziisound D5 (£279). Not only is the sound fantastic, with great stereo separation and rich tones, but the build quality is great (including a delightful touch sensitive volume control) but it works over Bluetooth.

Ziisound d5

So, once you've paired it with your iPhone 4 (in the Settings app) you're free to wander around with it up to 10 meters away and enjoy uninterrupted audio. Alternatively, you can dock your iPhone to charge it. If you've never considered a Bluetooth speaker set before then now is the time.

2. Opera S5+ KLEER Digital Wireless Earphones

If you're looking for wireless earphones for your iPhone 4 then consider the brand new Opera S5+ KLEER Digital Wireless Earphones (£85). In fact they're so new we haven't published a review yet (look out for one soon at TechRadar). They deliver better wireless audio quality than Bluetooth headsets; in fact CD quality (16-bit 44.1Khz transmission) is being touted.

Opera s5plus kleer

In addition the S5+ offers full control of your iPhone via the earphone controls, with volume, forward, back, pause, all available remotely using buttons on the earphones. That means you can keep your iPhone safe in your pocket, or a bag, and change track wirelessly - something that's not possible using Bluetooth on Apple devices. Battery life is good too, with up to 10 hours playtime on a single charge.

3. Apple iPhone Bumpers

Not only do the iPhone Bumpers (£25) come in a variety of colours and protect the edges of your iPhone from wear and tear, but they also do wonders to prevent the widely reported iPhone 4 reception problems.

iPhone bumper

4. Aliph Jawbone ICON Ace Bluetooth Headset

Looking for a Bluetooth headset that works great with the iPhone 4? We'd recommend the Aliph Jawbone ICON Ace Bluetooth Headset (£69.99). Not only does it look great, but there are an elegant selection of different designs available and only one simple button to press.

Jawbone icon

5. IDAPT i4

In addition to your iPhone 4 you probably have a plethora of electronic devices that need regular charging. With the IDAPT i4 (£39.99) you can charge your new iPhone 4 and pretty much anything else (over 3,500 to be exact) using one universal docking device.


It comes with 6 charging tips, but these just pop out and you can slot in different ones that work with other devices to take their place. Importantly it also has a high powered USB port, so you can charge an iPad as well.

6. iRig

If you're a guitarist you'll love the iRig ($39.99/€29.99). You plug into your iPhone's headphone jack, and connect your guitar cable (and hence, guitar) into the other end.


There's also a headphone jack output on the iRig. It works together with a free app from the App Store for your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad called AmpliTube, which enables you to apply various different guitar effects like Fuzz, Chorus and Wah to your playing. It's also incredibly easy to use.

You can watch a video hands-on I did of me using one after just 10 minutes of getting it out of the packaging.

7. Apple iPhone 4 dock

You might not be aware of it, but Apple makes a special dock (£25) specifically for the iPhone 4. It holds your iPhone at a jaunty angle, so it's perfect for using the iPhone on your desk while its charging. After all, when you're making a FaceTime call there's no point having one of your hands tangled up.

iPhone 4 dock

Now you're free to type on your PC or Mac at the same time as chatting away with the camera pointing at your face for FaceTime calls. There's also an audio line out port that connects to powered speakers and supports other accessories like the iPhone AV cables for connecting to a TV.

8. Belkin's TuneCast Auto LIVE FM Transmitter

An FM Transmitter broadcasts your iPhone's audio on a radio frequency that your car radio can tune into, so you can listen to your iPod app through your cars stereo. You can also charge your iPhone as you're doing this, which makes the Belkin TuneCast Autio LIVE FM Transmitter (£49.99) perfect for long journeys.

TuneCast auto

There's also a free ClearScan LIVE app which enables you can control FM transmission and music from your iPhone screen. It also cleverly suggests the best frequency based on your GPS coordinates.

9. Scosche IDR655m

Apple's white earphones may be iconic, but they're not the best when it comes to audio quality. If you're looking for something better then the Scosche IDR655m (£60) earphones won a recent MacFormat group test of iPhone earphones, so they're well worth looking at - a beautifully lively sound combined with a well placed mic and a comprehensive feature set.

Scosche idr655m

10. Elan Passport Wallet for iPhone 4

If you're looking for a case for your iPhone 4 that offers a little bit more than Apple's minimalist bumpers then you might want to consider the Elan Passport Wallet for iPhone 4 (£29.99).

Elan passport wallet for iphone 4

Not only does it protect your iPhone 4's screen (which an Apple Bumper does not) without limiting your ability to get quick access to it, but you'll also have somewhere handy to store your bank cards.

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