Nokia new C-series phones 'confirmed'

C6 to be the first to leave the new stable

Nokia's heavily-rumoured new C-series range of phones looks likely to become a reality in the near future.

The new line has been seen over on the FCC in the US, which has validated a device known as the RM-612 – although Nokia has confirmed this as the C6.

We've seen some pictures of what's probably the first in the C-series line earlier this year, and the model shown in the FCC regulations bears a striking resemblance.

Nokia c5

Whether it's the same is unknown, as the previously-shown phone was rumoured to be the C5 – but as we all know, these things are never set in stone and could well change before the phone's release.

Playing the waiting game

Nokia trademarked the names X-Series and C-Series a little while ago, and while the Nokia X6 and X3 made their debuts at Nokia World last year, the C-Series has yet to poke its little mobile face out.

It looks like that this may be a mid-to-high range set of devices, with rumours of a touchscreen and normal keypad together in a candybar form.

Also likely is that this is just a refresh of Nokia's 6000 series, which spawned such popular phones as the 6700 Classic.

We'll look forward to seeing this phone being unveiled – if it's this close to approval it can't be long before a UK release.

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