Meet the in-flight entertainment that's streamed straight to your tablet

Monarch launches in-flight streaming service

Monarch Airlines has officially launches its MPlayer in-flight entertainment system, allowing passengers to consume movies, TV shows, newspapers and magazines from the comfort of their own mobile devices.

You'll need to download the specific MPlayer app onto your iOS or Android (including the Kindle Fire range) smartphone or tablet before boarding - as MPlayer doesn't provide an internet connection - which you can then use to control media playback.

Monarch has also installed tablet holders onto the rear of its now non-reclining seats, allowing you to holster your tablet, keeping you hands free for drinks and some duty-free shopping.

Come stream with me

There is, as there always is with low-cost airlines, a charge for the service, but at £3.99 per flight that's not too bad a deal if it means keeping the kids quiet for a few hours.

If you don't want to part with any cash, Monarch is offering a smattering of content for free including two in-flight magazines - Passport and duty-free magazine Love to Shop - destination restaurant reviews from TripAdvisor and destination bar reviews provided by BarChick.

The MPlayer service is currently available on six Monarch airplanes and it will continue to roll out the system to more planes this summer and into next year.


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