LG is really embracing its new strategy of taking the wind out of its own sails when it comes to announcements.

The latest "official leak" comes from a Korean teaser site set up by LG to show off the LG G3 before its upcoming May 27 announcement.

The site features the familiar image of the LG G3 in its innovative Quick Circle case with the May 27 reveal date featured prominently.

But more importantly it has three new videos showing off the new LG flagship's camera and Quad HD display, as well as providing a great look at the phone's overall appearance.

The art of the tease

Admittedly the first video doesn't show much, besides what looks like a man running in a giant hamster ball.

But the LG G3's camera is rumored to have a laser-guided autofocus system, which would theoretically help it take a clear shot of such a bizarre spectacle.

The second teaser video is slightly more useful, confirming that the LG G3 will feature a 2560 x 1440 display. Not sure what the neon bikes have to do with it, though.

Finally the third clip shows a revelatory (if brief) look at the G3's design, including its brushed metal appearance.

Removable battery

LG's previous G3 teases included an extended look at the phone's unique case and some leaked ads showed more specs and possibly gesture controls.

Meanwhile the ever-vigilant @evleaks recently posted some new photos of the G3 wrapped up in a view-obstructing shell.

LG G3 removable battery
Well that answers that question (credit: @evleaks)

That's not to say the leak shows nothing of note - one photo does illuminate the G3's removable battery, after all.

Expect to see more very soon when the LG G3 is officially unveiled in full May 27.

Via Android Authority