First Android Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots leaked?

Our first taste of Google's next pudding

It seems we're seeing the future, if leaked images of Google's new Ice Cream Sandwich Android iteration are anything to go by.

Android Police and Roots Wiki seem to have come up with an odd cross-site team up to leak four pretty plausible screengrabs of the latest version of Google's mobile OS, which will likely be Android 4.0.

Disappointingly it seems the new OS is currently quite similar to the old version in terms of user interface, with a tweaked menu system and slightly altered notifications bar the main differences.

Slicker, quicker and beepier

However, don't get too down-hearted just yet, as it's likely this IRK36B build (we know, catchy) is a long way from the finished product and there may be a lot more to come from the design team.

Ice cream sandwich

Credit: Roots Wiki

Plus there are a lot more goodies on board, according to the leak, including a completely overhauled Gmail application, automatic panorama mode in the camera settings and Near Field Communication (NFC) will be built into the Google Shopper application to make beepy payments that much easier.

Ice cream sandwich

Credit: Android Police

Ice cream sandwich

Credit: Android Police

Will it be the OS to unify tablets and phones finally? If so, we'd have to imagine this is nailed on to be Android 4.0, bringing the same experience to both categories of devices... otherwise it's just going to be boring old Android 2.4.

From Android Police and Roots Wiki


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