EE feels wrath of Imgurians as image sharing site falls under content lock

If there's one group of people on the internet you don't want to upset it's Imgur users, well actually, no, it's probably Anonymous or 4Chan members, because Imgurians actually seem pretty nice.

Anyway, just because they're the decent guys of the web, it doesn't mean loyal Imgurians can't get a little ticked off when someone takes away access to their beloved kitty .gifs and profoundly-captioned .jpgs.

Earlier on Tuesday EE told upset customers it had blocked access to the site, as a "business decision" but now it is saying it has fallen under its content lock, because Imgur isn't moderated.

Removing that content lock is a simple process for the network's customers, but guess what? Imgur is still restricted with EE blaming a technical issue. Get it sorted, EE. These guys need their memes back.

More blips!

It's a veritable blip-a-palooza up in here...

Via Inquirer