Dell's new mobile to be Ophone mini3i?

Wants a slice of the Chinese Android pie

Dell's mystery smartphone got a little closer to reality as it was revealed its new phone will be called the Ophone mini3i.

We brought you news yesterday that the new handset will be landing in China in the next few days, and it seems it's now going to be part of the same family as Lenovo's effort.

O or I?

According to, a Chinese gadget website, the new mini3i will be supported by China Mobile, which is keen to bring out a whole slew of Ophone Android devices... obviously in no way trying to compete with iPhone.

These phones will be using China's own 3G signal, meaning they won't work, should you be desperate to get your hands on one, in Europe.

Will we see the Ophone family in the UK? Both Dell and Lenovo have a strong global presence, so it would make sense to extend the range - but we'd imagine there will be a name change for the more litigious regions of the world.

Via TechCrunch


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