HTC's Android phone breaks cover?

Is this the first Google handset?

After the confirmation last week that the HTC Android handset will ship later this year, a spy video has appeared that could be showing off the device.

Although a bit grainy, and worryingly accompanied by Darth Vader-style 'excited' breathing, the mobile on display is nice looking, and the UI looks very similar to what Android Google has been tempting us with.

The handset has a nice slide-out QWERTY keyboard with an auto-rotating screen when moving into two-hand mode.

Unwieldy droid

However, when it flips the whole thing looks rather unwieldy, although, to be fair, there aren't many ways to subtly incorporate a full keyboard.

If the handset is to debut this year, we would expect the spy-shots to start cropping up round about now, so its appearance out of the shadows makes sense.

Of course, it could just be a fanboy having a bit of fun making a mock-up handset for want of some more constructive hobby, but it certainly looks great.


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