Dual screened HTC Leo breaks cover

Blurry pics of a Photoshopped image - that has to be real

A new device from HTC featuring dual screens - dubbed the Leo - has broken cover in blurry spy shots.

While all the limelight is currently going to the HTC Hero, the new phone has been tipped to WMPoweruser, and shows a clamshell-style device.

We say clamshell, as it looks almost identical to a Nintendo DSi, with a full QWERTY keyboard instead of a second touchscreen.


There's another screen on the outside of the device for notifications, and apparently it will be running one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors, according to the site.

For the video fans, it will apparently also have a 16:9 WVGA screen, so you can enjoy all your movies (likely on a microSD card as precedent suggests) on the Windows Mobile device.

But then again, we can all draw a picture of a phone and then take a low-resolution image of it - TechRadar is busy making the iPhone Flip as we speak.

Via WMPoweruser


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