Nokia says tablet pic is 'not a leak', but doesn't deny a tablet is in the works

Could Nokia be planning MWC 2013 reveal for its rumoured tablet?

At Nokia's Pakistan launch of the Lumia 620, the company showed an image of an array of products, one of which was suspiciously tablet-sized. Well now Nokia has gone on record as saying that tablet isn't an official product, rather it was just for illustrative purposes.

However, Nokia hasn't ruled out making a tablet, so the rumours of its existence could yet be substantiated. We might even seen one at MWC 2013 the week after next.

"That's not a leak," a Nokia spokesperson told My Nokia Blog. "That is a picture that simply shows WP UI alongside Win8 Tablet UI alongside Xbox UI. They are not Nokia specific products."

Running Windows 8?

The tablet in question showed the Windows 8 start screen with live tiles. It also had the same rounded corners and the bright yellow casing that's typical of Nokia's Windows Phone 8 handsets.

We've heard plenty of rumours previously concerning a possible Nokia tablet. Whispers from the supply chain said the Finnish firm was gearing up to launch one this month, while CEO Stephen Elop recently told reporters in Sydney a tablet was something "we are clearly looking at very closely".

Nokia's design chief also seemed to confirm a tablet was in the works.

We'll be on hand at Mobile World Congress to bring you all the news as it happens.

Via Know Your Mobile