BlackBerry PlayBook UK release date and prices revealed

Pre-orders open for RIM tablet

The BlackBerry PlayBook UK release date has finally been revealed as 16 June, with pre-orders opening today at Carphone Warehouse, Best Buy, Phones 4U and the Dixons Group.

BlackBerry PlayBook UK pricing has also been revealed ahead of the June launch, with the 16GB model kicking things off at £399 - that's the same price as the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2.

RIM's 7-inch tablet comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and offers full-Flash web browsing and superb multi-tasking, although as our review points out, it may be better suited to business people than consumers.

Phones 4U & Dixons

There's not much between retailers when it comes to pricing, with all offering pretty much the same deal.

As well as the 16GB Wi-Fi-toting BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for £399, the 32GB model will set you back £479 and the 64GB version £559 from all the retailers mentioned.

Jeremy Fennel, category director at the Dixons group – which consists of Currys and PC World stores,, and – commented,"We are delighted to be adding the BlackBerry PlayBook – a great new breakthrough in the rapidly growing tablet market, that's ideal for the many current BlackBerry smartphone users, both business and consumer – to our already extensive range."



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