BlackBerry PlayBook gets OS 1.0.7 update

Brings Bridge and media updates

RIM has released an update for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS, bringing some updates to the BlackBerry Bridge app as well as new media features and extra language support.

The Bridge app allows users to access emails, contacts and calendar info that is held on their BlackBerry smartphones on the PlayBook tablet as well, and the updates are fairly minor – it's nothing as exciting as getting your actual emails direct to your actual tablet.

What you will be able to do, however, is access ZIP files that have been received as an email attachment (by downloading to your phone's SD card then extracting the files to your tablet).


All pictures on the PlayBook, whether taken with the camera or downloaded from elsewhere, can now be viewed in portrait or landscape within the Pictures app, although it seems crazy that this wasn't the case to begin with.

The video app also gets a bit of update love, with the pinch gesture now zooming you into the content even as it plays.

With OS v1.0.7, BlackBerry PlayBooks can now also handle fifteen new languages, including Czech, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Turkish and Swedish.

To download the software update, simply tap the notification on the PlayBook's status bar, or head to 'software updates' in the settings menu.


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