Lovefilm nabs early Universal streaming exclusive for years to come

Lovefilm has just inked a multi-year deal streaming deal with Universal that will see its films come to Amazon's streaming service ahead of rivals like Netflix.

The Universal Pictures, er, pictures will be coming to Lovefilm's site in what's known as the second pay window; that's after a premium broadcaster like Sky gets its mitts on the movies but ahead of terrestrial TV and other services.

The deal means that Lovefilm will now be streaming the likes of Kick Ass, Despicable Me, American Reunion and Senna - valuable additions to a growing catalogue.

Subscribers can stream films on Lovefilm Instant via the web as well as apps on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPad, smart TVs and some Blu-ray players.

Curse you, tiny toilet

Over in the US, Lovefilm-owner Amazon is now streaming films through Xbox Live.

The app, called Amazon Instant Video, also ties in to Kinect by allowing people to browse and control playback using gestures instead of the tedious old remote.