gets a new look

New and improved features, a refreshed design and iPhone app, the increasingly popular music streaming site, has been give a new look that was unveiled yesterday.

According to's creator, Matthew Ogle on the site's blog, the new interface is not so much a complete overhaul, more a "re-organisation".

"For those of you who are veteran users, you'll notice we've taken a step back to make our feature set more coherent," writes Ogle.

"Don't worry, we haven't taken much away, just re-organised."

Critical pieces added

As well as de-cluttering the web homepage, a few new "critical pieces" to the experience have been added.

These include a library, where you can browse your entire musical collection, down to every last play.

You can also import your listening history, by synching your media player when you sign up to to instantly fill your library. As before, your profile updates when you sync your iPod or iPhone, while there's also a specific app for the iPhone 2.0 firmware.

There's also better browsing, where you can check out the most popular music pages and any up-and-coming tunes.

The new-look has already gone live, with the front page offering up a number of statistics on who's listening to what.



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