DivX wants to be at centre of connected home, says founder

Encoding straight from your router the way forward

DivX, one of the world's leading codec creators, mapped out what it sees as the future of the format today.

Jérôme Vashist-Rota, founder of DivX, spoke to TechRadar about the DivX Connected brand and how the company is speaking to ISPs about potential partnerships.

"We are currently trying to engage with ISPs and cable operators – it's definitely something we are looking at," said Rota.

"Our new managing director [Steve Herbert, formerly Vice President EMEA at Amdocs UK] comes from this background, so the area is of interest to us."

Modem certification

Rota explained that, as it is so hard for consumers to set up web-connected devices in the home, by placing DivX at the centre of the connected home and straight into the modem could be in the best interests of the codec.

"Ideally, the best place for us to put the DivX technology is straight into the modem," said Rota. "Again, this is also something that we are looking at doing."

Article modified: 20.01.2009


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