Pico projector pushes resolution to next level

AAXA's effort is most hi-res yet for a miniature model

A new pico projector has emerged from a company called AAXA Technologies, offering the highest resolution for a device its size.

While pico projectors haven't exactly taken over the market at the moment, the technology is improving quickly, and the price falling too.

The new P2 projector (following on from the P1, bizarrely) has a resolution of 800 x 600, which is the highest available from a pico projector today.

Big picture

It can throw images up to 80 inches in size, and has a 35-lumens output (which isn't bright enough for general movie watching, but more than enough for day to day presenting and other little things like that.

It supports up to 1280x720 video input, has a remote control, stereo speakers, MP4 player, 1GB of onboard memory and a microSD slot for expanding what you carry around with you to show off to people.

It does, sadly, have a 35 minute battery life, but users can buy an add on to improve this to three hours from AAXA.

It's not the most expensive in the world either at $349 (£210), and will be available from 15 August.

Via Pico-projector-info.com


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