New Sony X60iP iPod dock comes with Bluetooth

Music streaming docks incoming

Sony has announced a number of new iPod and iPhone speakers, with the RDP-X60iP wireless speaker dock at the top of the feature list.

The RDP-X60iP is the first dock from Sony to feature Bluetooth functionality, so you can stream your music from any compatible device straight to the dock.

When it comes to audio power, the dock has 20W+20W output power.

Rock around the dock

For those who want a bit more portability, Sony has also launched the RDP-M15iP dock. This has half the power of the RDP-X60iP (10W+10W) but has been given a rechargeable battery that will keep it going for 6 hours and you also get a handy travel pouch to put the thing in.

And the final dock-based launch by Sony is the RDP-M5iP. This is a compact dock which offer 10 hours' listening if you feed it four AAA batteries and a grab handle so you can, er, grab it if you so wish.

All of these docks have the Made for iPhone/iPod stamp of approval and have a UK release date of June. Well, apart from the RDP-M15iP which will be out in July.



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