The best PS4 deals in the Boxing Day sales

There are some really great PS4 deals in the Boxing Day sales this year. It's quite strange because there are hardly any Xbox One deals at all - go figure.

We know from the sheer number of people who come to techradar to read the PS4 review and to look for PS4 deals that the Sony console is far more popular anyway, so let's push on and list all of the best PS4 deals in this year's Boxing Day sales.

At the time of writing, it's not actually Boxing Day yet but the sales started as soon as the highstreet stores closed on Christmas eve so many of the best deals are already live online. If you're looking for a new PS4, you're unlikely to find a better price for a while because this is the final 'deal event' for some time.

But as you'll see, there are some good prices to be had. We'll update this page throughout Boxing Day so check back if you want to get up to date prices. Let's get stuck in.

Boxing Day sales: the best PS4 deals

PS4 500GB: A whole load of PS4 bundles for £249 each at

PS4 500GB: Six different PS4 bundles for £249 at

PS4 500GB: Get the console with Star Wars Battlefront for £249 at John Lewis

PS4 500GB: Get a refurbished PS4 with 12 month warranty and a copy of Minecraft for just £199.99 at

PS4 500GB: The same refurbed PS4 is available at GAME, also for £199.99

PS4 500GB: Get the Sony PS4 500GB with a game of your choice for £249 at Tesco direct

PS4 500GB: Get the Sony PS4 with a copy of Call of Duty Black Ops III for £249 at Tesco direct

PS4 1TB: Get the Sony PS4 1TB with a game of your choice for £279 at Tesco direct

We'll be trawling the web throughout Boxing Day to make sure this page always has the best PS4 deals on it!