Is Microsoft Xbox 360 still ahead of the Wii?

New sales claims indicate Xbox 360 is leading Nintendo

Microsoft released an eyebrow-raising statement today claiming that it has now sold 11.6 million Xbox 360 games consoles. The figure is greater than first thought and indicates that recent reports of Nintendo Wii sales overtaking the 360 might have been premature.

The Financial Times recently reported that the Wii, with 9 million consoles sold, had overtaken the Xbox 360's 8.9 million. But Nintendo claimed all the way back in June that it had sold 9.27 million Wiis, and Microsoft now says it's sold an impressive 11.6 million 360s.

So it seems as though the Xbox 360 might still be the world's biggest selling next-gen games console after all. Nobody really knows though, and even if it is the case, the Nintendo Wii can't be too far behind.

Highly anticipated game Halo 3 is out next week, and is expected to rapidly increase 360 sales still further.



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