Sword wielding teen fights off PS3 robber

Stabs him in the chest, then chases him away down the road

A crazy teenager who heard a burglar trying to steal his PlayStation 3 in the middle of the night has been able to fight him off by attacking him with a samurai sword.

Damian Fernandez, 15, stabbed the burglar in the chest as he was trying to make off with the console.

"Once I saw him running back, I jumped off my bed and grabbed my sword like this [pictured] and I just waited for him," Fernandez enthusiastically showed TV reporters.

"Then I lunged out and I stabbed him about mid-chest and then I pulled it out of him and went to swing again, and he freaked out! Like, I saw the look on his face he was like 'ahhh!'"

PlayStation 3 thieves beware!

Why a 15-year-old boy had a real samurai sword in his bedroom is unclear. Nor is it clear how, if the burglar was stabbed in the chest with a sword, he was able to flee the scene totally uninjured.

But apparently the kid chased the burglar down the road, waving his sword at him. Local police later arrested the burglar, 21-year old Javier Cotera, when they found him hiding up a tree - presumably moaning "get that crazy kid away from me!"

The moral of the story is: if you're going to steal something, make sure you watch out for kooky sword-wielding teenagers.

Watch the Local10 news report.


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