Xbox 360 Arcade to replace Core model?

Updated Microsoft console to replace original Core model

Rumours have been bouncing around the web for some time that Microsoft is about to scrap the Xbox 360 Core and replace it with something else. That something else now appears to be the Xbox 360 Arcade, with some retail sites listing the console before it's even been announced to the public.

A visit to will reveal that the Xbox 360 Arcade will go on sale in the US on 23 October. It's priced at $279 (£137), the same price as the Core before it mysteriously disappeared off many retailer's shelves recently.

No hard details are available on the Xbox 360 Arcade, but rumour has it that it'll sport an HDMI port and Wireless controller, a 256MB memory card and a number of free Xbox Live games. Might the Arcade also sport the those brand new 65nm chips too?

Stay tuned for more when we get it.



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