Gamers brave cold, hours of waiting to score an Xbox One at launch

And talk about why they passed on the PS4

These gamers weren't the only ones favoring Battlefield 4. Interestingly, while it was playable at the event, Call of Duty wasn't being represented in demo form even though the Xbox One version has a timed-exclusive deal for downloadable content with Microsoft.

A better value

Xbox One Midnight Launch Times Square New York
Jocelyn Jimenez (center) was ecstatic about getting her new Xbox, and had plenty to say about the PS4

Even after standing around in the cold for hours, some Xbox fans stayed exuberant about getting their hands on the console. Some even called it the One system you need. Jocelyn Jimenez was among one of the most vocal supporters of the new Microsoft system.

"I was a big fan of PlayStation 2 but as soon as Xbox 360 came out it changed the game. It set a new standard and I just can't wait to try the new features," Jimenez said. "There's multitasking where you can use the Skype chat as you are playing a game."

"It could be really cool as I'm playing a game with my friend," she quipped. "We could be playing the same game and see each other's reactions. I'll be like, 'Twitch, record it' and they'll be freaking out."

Xbox One Midnight Launch Times Square New York
Xbox Ones roll into the Best Buy Theater in armored trucks

Jimenez, however, did not have as many kind things to say about the rival PS4.

"I have no hate against the PS4 but I think they're trying to do the best they can. But [there are] no major exclusives and [it] crashed on the first day. The only thing that's good is the Remote Play between the Vita and the PS4, but even then it's not worth it because there's nothing to play."

"Before it was the PS3 guys would laugh at us because we had to pay for Xbox Live Gold membership but now it's the same for PS4 online," Jimenez continued. "On top of that there are the games switching over like Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid."'

Xbox One Kinects with early adopters

The real Xbox One difference maker to gamers in Los Angeles was the Kinect camera. Maybe it's because the spread-out city is so close to the always-photogenic Hollywood.

"I know a lot of people complained about the Kinect being included with Xbox One, but I really like it," Michael Irving of San Jose said in the middle of the anxious pack of gamers.

Xbox One Los Angeles line
The 1080p Kinect gets a thumbs up in Los Angeles

"Things like facial recognition make it more directive [than the PS4 camera]. I think it's going to be great.

Irving, who said he was picking up Dead Rising 3 with his console, was also looking forward to future exclusives that PS4 won't be offering, especially Titanfall from the original Call of Duty developers.

Resolution smesholution

Waiting in line
They may be cold, but are you green with envy?

Not everything is puppies and DVR capabilities about the new Xbox. One of the biggest issues plaguing the system is the lack of true 1080p gaming for some of its biggest titles, including Ryse: Son of Rome and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Uchendu Mwachuku, who had been in line since 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, said it's really not a big issue.

"At the end of the day both these consoles are relatively underpowered compared to a PC, and I also play on PC. I really don't care. If you're looking at the difference between 1080p and 900p and 720p, I really don't care."

"As long as the games are fun and everything works well, being able to play with my friends, who cares whether it is 720p or whatever," Mwachuku continued. "It's all just a number."

Get it while you can

Xbox One Midnight Launch Times Square New York
Gamers wait, hope for consoles supplies to hold