amBX to launch SDK to spice up gaming

Wind in your face on more games? Yes please

amBX, the gaming system that involves more of your senses when gaming on the PC, will launch an SDK next year to enable more games to take advantage of its setup.

The SDK will go live from 12 January, and will provide developers with a wide range of tools and applications to help them provide in-game effects.

The idea is to allow developers to add amBX effects to pre-existing games, which will significantly cut down on the development the company needs to make compatible games for its system.

The company has already licensed its system to a number of gaming developers, but the range of games that it can be used with is still rather small.


amBX will also be putting together a support forum to provide advice and information, as well as a complete tool box to unlock advanced features in the amBX system.

"The amBX SDK provides developers with everything they need to get quickly up to speed and at no charge. It makes amBX very approachable and this will be a major step forward for us as we take the amBX proposition to wider markets and sectors.

"The whole point of amBX is to immerse the player deeper into the game and the amBX SDK now makes a rather complex operation very simple and extremely low cost," said Neil MacDonald, CEO of amBX.

If you want to register your interest, then head on over to and geekify yourself up to your heart's content.


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