Getting married? Thought about doing it in orbit?

Space weddings: coming soon

Have you ever looked at two people committing their lives to one another in front of their friends and family and thought: there's too much gravity here.

Well, problem solved! Rocket Plane and First Advantage have come together to offer one-hour space marriages, where you can gaze into the eyes of your loved one (and try not to let your sight drift out of the window to the once-in-a-lifetime view is sitting.)

Sky-high costs

And you might think this little shindig is expensive; well, it is.

For just over £1 million, you can tie the knot in this unique way. But at least transfers to and from the launch pad are included, as is a four-day training program.

A live video link of the event is broadcast to you loved ones, and video and photos are included.

The first weddings will likely begin taking place in 2011, so get booking soon!


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