Fitbit Alta HR brings a heart rate tracker to the best-looking Fitbit

The latest Fitbit is an upgrade on last year's original Fitbit Alta, but is slightly smaller, more comfortable to wear and comes with new fitness tracking tech.

Fitbit's biggest upgrade for the Alta HR comes in the heart rate tracker placed on the back of the device.

It will take your heart rate throughout the day and give you a clearer picture of how healthy you're being, especially during your workouts.

A necessary upgrade

The Alta HR is 25% thinner than the original Fitbit Alta, and this makes it a much more comfortable device to have on your wrist. It's one of the best looking Fitbit products on the market and still has the benefit of a screen on the front, unlike the Flex 2

There's also new sleep tracking tech that will use the heart rate monitor to give you a full look at your sleep pattern, including the amount of time you spend in REM, light sleep and heavy sleep.

Plus it comes with auto-fitness tracking tech, as well as phone notifications for calls and texts. It'll also give you reminders to move if you've been sat down for a long time.

Fitbit is claiming the Alta HR will come with seven days battery life as well, which is an upgrade on the five days the original Alta would last for.

We didn't love the original Fitbit Alta, calling it a "limited offering" and noting the tap-sensitive screen wasn't good enough, so we'll be sure to let you know whether the Alta HR is enough of an improvement in our upcoming review.

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