Download of the day: UniPDF

Retake control of your PDFs


PDF documents are extremely convenient – they look exactly the same no matter what hardware and software you use to view them. Unfortunately, they’re often a pain to edit, and if you’re on Windows some of the PDF tools out there are incredibly long-winded and complex.

UniPDF isn’t. It’s simple and straightforward, and it aims to turn even huge batches of PDFs into editable HTML or Word documents.

Why you need it

The PDF format was designed for sharing information, but sometimes you might need to dive into one and make some changes. That's where UniPDF comes in, enabling you to strip out the text and images, and save them in a format that you can tweak to your heart's content.

There are other PDF converters around that also work with scanned documents (Free Online OCR is one example), but if you have the original file, UniPDF is a great choice.

It does a surprisingly good job of matching fonts too, so if you’re keen to get not just the text but as much of the design as possible you might like the way UniPDF does things.

Download here: UniPDF