Raspberry Pi now comes with twice the RAM for the same price

The Raspberry Pi Model B computer board has had a spec bump to 512MB of RAM without any increase in price.

Anyone waiting on a previously-placed order of Pi will receive the 512MB version, with units beginning to arrive from today and a firmware update to unlock the additional memory arriving later in the week.

The original model came with 256MB RAM, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation explained that upping the RAM would allow users to make more of the hardware.

The price is right

Writing on the Raspberry Pi blog founder Eben Upton said that the request for a 'Model C' unit with higher RAM and higher price tag was one of the most common suggestions.

The company resisted because it is "very attached to $35 as our highest price point", but has now found a way to provide more RAM at the same price.

The means that you'll still be able to buy the souped-up Raspberry Pi for £29.95 in the UK, $35 in the US; distributors promise that they have enough stock to cope with demand until January 2013 with CPC offering free same day dispatch on orders placed before 7pm.