Top 10 best business desktop PCs of 2016

Plus a handy buying guide

The Top 10 desktop PCs for business

Desktop PC

While workforces have become far more mobile, there's still a need for the traditional office desktop PC. It remains the most cost-effective computing device as it's easily maintained and has the most powerful solutions available on the market.

Despite the drop in laptop prices and increase in mobile processor power, there are still distinct advantages to running desktop systems in an office environment, which is why the desktop remains the most popular form-factor for computer systems.

Speaking of form factors, the desktop PC has evolved significantly over the past three years beyond the monoliths that mid or mini-towers are.

The range of available desktop systems is as wide and varied as business needs themselves, ranging from a few off-the-shelf units for a SMB to the deployments of thousands of basic desktop PCs and everything in between.