Can the £99 computer kill off your work PC?

Itona TC23 thin client PC is network-based

Manchester-based VXL Instruments has today launched a £99 computer which it says could spell the end of the corporate PC. Running Linux or Windows CE, the cheap-as-chips PC boots from a network drive and has no internal storage at all.

All files, folders and software are stored on a company’s central server, which VXL says will save corporations money in the long-run.

Corporate revolution?

"By slashing the cost of a thin client to £99, we are challenging the dominance of the PC," said Frank Noon, vice president of Sales at VXL.

"In the majority of cases, the company PC is a waste of money, and a security risk. Thin client technology pares the machine on each desk right down whilst still giving every user the software, data and performance they need."

VXL claims that the new Itona TC23 is not only a quarter of the cost of a typical PC to buy, but it costs far less to operate, is much smaller and is totally silent.


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