Video recording follows the power of the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S3, meaning you've got a strong tool for movie making that doesn't come over-stuffed with modes to play with.

In truth, the options are pretty streamlined – and it's good that it defaults to 1920 x 1080 video recording from the off, as other phones don't manage the same trick and will have people recording in lower resolutions for ages before they notice.

Samsung Galaxy S3 review

The Galaxy S3 will record at 30fps as well, but apart from that the settings are pretty limited – no slow motion video here. You can tweak the important things though, such as white balance and anti-shake (which actually does a relatively good job and keeps your footage looking all slick when you're jiggling around like a bowlful of jelly).

Toggling the video light during filming isn't an option, so you'll need to get this sorted before you start up your home movie - but then again, when you compare this to the fifteen or so menus you had to go through on a BlackBerry to simply turn the thing on, this perhaps isn't as bad as it seems.

Samsung Galaxy S3 review

During the filming there are some decent options though, such as being able to turn the auto-focus on and off. One of the worst parts of any self-made movie is when the camera inexplicably will start blurring up your beautifully balanced scene, so you can tap to make it focus on the area you want and then simply turn off the AF so it doesn't happen again.

Zooming in and out is also well catered for, as you can just pinch to zoom to get a larger or smaller image. The quality doesn't degrade too much either, which we were pretty impressed with, and overall, there was very little we wanted for on the video recording side of things from the Samsung Galaxy S3.