Tesla Cybertruck event – 5 last-minute rumors before the big launch

Tesla Cybertruck
(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla is holding a glitzy party (of sorts) in a few hours to celebrate the handing over of Cybertruck keys to a selection of deposit-paying customers.

Most manufacturers would probably do this at, say, the local dealership, with the potential for a few party poppers and a glass of non-alcoholic fizz. But Tesla is doing Tesla and holding an event that will be live-streamed to the entire world (keep an eye on its YouTube channel) and will likely garner far more column inches than the delivery of Margaret and Keith’s new Volvo EX30.

Snarkiness aside, the Delivery Event will also (hopefully) provide an insight into some fairly key specification details, such as how much it will actually cost, its all-electric range and whether or not the previously-spotted panel gaps will let so much water in, customers will be forced to wear Tesla-branded anoraks while driving.

Thankfully, because Elon Musk is at the helm of this business, numerous nuggets of Cybertruck information have leaked prior to the big reveal, some of which have appeared online literally hours before the event is due to take place. 

Here’s everything we’ve learned about the Tesla Cybertruck over the past few days..

1. You can specify it with a tent on the back

Tesla Cybertruck in action

(Image credit: Tesla)

You can trust Tesla fans to dig deep into the weirdest sources for new information, and X user Tesla_App_iOS did just that when they spotted changes to Tesla’s iOS app.

In said changes, we get to see one of the first accessories Tesla plans to offer on its Cybertruck and it appears to be a rather funky tent that can be pitched on the bed of the pick-up. According to leaked 3D renders and information from app updates, it will come with a mattress and be called 'Basecamp'. 

Sorry Space Campers, it looks like your $24,000 Cybertruck camper conversion will face some stiff competition once the electric pick-up hits the streets.

2. Beast Mode is a thing

Tesla Cybertruck

(Image credit: Tesla)

Elon Musk recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan’s extremely popular podcast, where he famously cajoled the UFC commentator into firing an arrow at Cybertruck to prove its ultra-tough exterior. 

The whole Robin Hood act overshadowed the fact that Musk also hinted at a Beast Mode during conversation. The same leaked app details that said Beast Mode looks set to feature on upcoming Cybertruck, which appears to be in a similar vein to the existing 'Ludicrous' or 'Plaid' modes seen on current Tesla models.

During his chat with Joe Rogan, Musk suggested that in Beast Mode, he hoped the Cybertruck would accelerate from 0-60mph in under three seconds. Quite the achievement for a truck that weighs between 6,000 and 7,000lbs (Musk also revealed this on the Joe Rogan show), which is over three tonnes.

3. Solar charging looks set to be an option

Tesla Cybertruck

(Image credit: Tesla)

The very same app update made reference to "Cybertruck solar", which hints that Musk’s idea of a solar panel roof or tonneau cover for the rear bed could be launched as an option.

Details remain very scarce on this, but the original idea was that the bed’s tonneau could provide some additional solar power to power and charge external devices, or even add a few miles range to Cybertruck’s battery packs.

4. The lights dance and a lightbar is optional

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We reported yesterday on another leak that revealed that Tesla’s Cybertruck has a feature built into the LED light strip at the front, which sees it perform a signature pattern program when the vehicle is unlocked.

In addition to this, the aforementioned iOS app update also revealed details of an "OPTIONAL_ACCESSORY_LIGHTBAR". This isn’t likely in reference to those headlights but a further strip of powerful lights that can be added to the roof – at an additional cost, we imagine.

Whether or not these lights face forwards, adding a separate blast of illumination, or rearwards to light up the pick-up bed, remains to be seen.

5. Cybertruck will have a front-facing camera

Images that have surfaced recently of more finished Cybertrucks entering US showrooms reveal that quite a bit has changed since the early models of a few years back. 

Pop-out door handles have gone and have been replaced by a button on the pillars, the dash is no longer made of a white marbled material and is now a more traditional black plastic and the rear-view mirror that doubled as a screen on early demonstrators appears to have gone, with a more traditional mirror replacing it.

One thing that has been added is a camera embedded in the front bumper area, something that Tesla has previously offered but then dropped. 

It looks like the feature, which was also rumored for the Model 3 Highland, is coming to Cybertruck and that’s a good thing, seeing as visibility is likely going to prove an issue when piloting the hulking electric pick-up.

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