Bada leaves us nonplussed. Well, it's not quite Bada itself that has that effect. We aren't opposed to the concept or to the general look and feel, both of which are very close to what you find in Android in terms of the general user interface.

What gets us riled is the lack of expandability. That this should be the case more than three months after we reviewed the first Bada handset, the Samsung Wave, seems odd. Samsung needs a vibrant and exciting app store if it's to make Bada a success. And that simply isn't there at the moment.

samsung wave

What this means is that the £200 you could spend on the Samsung Wave 723 might more fruitfully be spent on the Android-based Orange San Francisco (cheap at half the price)

orange san francisco

You could also consider Samsung's own Android-based Galaxy Europa or LG's Optimus One.

samsung galaxy europa

lg optimus one