Samsung Wave 723 review

Samsung's second Bada handset demonstrates that less is definitely less

Samsung Wave 723
The definitive Samsung Wave 723 review

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Battery life left us feeling a little disappointed. The 1200mAh battery gave us just over three days on standby with a very small amount of use.

When we were using the Samsung Wave 723 heavily it ran down fairly quickly and we were having to charge it every day to keep it going.

Samsung wave 723

You might find yourself doing a fair bit of music listening and web surfing with this handset, and if that is the case you ought to budget for a charge every day and maybe even a mid-afternoon boost.

If you are fairly frugal on those scores, then you could get a day and a half or even two days out of the Samsung Wave 723.


The Samsung Wave 723 comes with its own calendar app and there's a Home screen widget that shows you what day it is – though nothing useful like upcoming appointments.

To see what you are meant to be doing at any time, you need to tap the widget and open the calendar proper. Now you can flick through the months, see your daily schedule and add new appointments.

Samsung wave 723

There are other apps to help keep you on the straight and narrow, too. A clock with stopwatch, countdown timer and alarms as well as an array of world clock times you can set ought to sort out your timing issues.

Samsung wave 723

There's a little memo maker and a task manager, too. Neither has a Home screen widget, which is a bit irritating since it means you have to go into each apps itself to see its contents.

Samsung wave 723

A calculator rounds things off.

App store

You can take a look in the Samsung app store for more, but this is still woefully under-supported in comparison to other top-grade app stores from Apple and Android.

Samsung wave 723

Apps are divided into categories but some have very few entries – Social Networking has seven, while Productivity has just 19. There isn't even a separate heading for Widgets so you can boost the fairly small number that are pre-installed.

If it's apps you want, look elsewhere.

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