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Adobe Photoshop Touch

Tablet version of Photoshop for Android tablets and iPads

Adobe Photoshop Touch
Touchscreen gesture controls lend this Photoshop app new image editing tools

Adobe photoshop touch review

With Photoshop Touch, Adobe has done a great job of creating a tablet app spin-off of one of its most popular products. Adobe Photoshop Touch doesn't just work around the inherent limitations of tablets - namely the lack of power and touchscreen-only controls - but also plays to their strengths.

We liked

The interface is very well laid out, granting easy access to some pretty complicated tools and effects.

Adobe has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about every tool in Photoshop and how it can be tweaked to work well in a touchscreen environment. That time has been well spent, since very few compromises have been made, with most of the tools you'd expect to find present and correct, without being dumbed down.

The Creative Cloud feature is also a great addition.

We disliked

Don't mistake Adobe Photoshop Touch as a beginner's version of Photoshop. While it's not as complex as the professional version of Photoshop CS, there are still a number of tools and concepts included that might confuse beginners at first.

Step-by-step tutorials are included to help you get to grips with the tools, but these can also be confusing.

Final verdict

The Adobe Photoshop Touch app for tablets is a step above most tablet photo editing apps, and well worth the extra money.